Oak Hills High School: Meet the Squad

December 18, 2011

Meet the Oak Hills High School Varsity Cheerleaders! Cheer Cincy caught up with them for their first game of basketball season and one of their biggest games of the year versus Elder High School. There was a huge turnout for the game! At the time of this interview, the Varsity squad was practicing for competitions at Centerville High School and at GMCE’s competition in Troy. Their competition squad is optional for school squad members.

Oak Hills cheerleaders are often recognizable for their red, plaid skirts – but they also have “regular” uniforms, which they’re wearing in this video. They have a great tradition of assigning Varsity cheerleaders to new cheerleaders in the Big Sister / Little Sister program. The older girls make sure the younger ones know their way around the school and learn all their cheers.

Find out more about the proud traditions of this squad in the video below!

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mercadee December 20, 2011 at 9:59 am

We also do a “Memories” pep rally. This is where we feature the seniors of our school. We show the phases of life from babies to old couple. Varsity cheerleaders play the various roles, then when we get to high school phase we showcase senior members of organizations in the school. The phases are babies, toddlers, elementary school, junior high, high school (organizations, Homecoming, Prom, and Graduation), college, career, marriage, and young couples with children. While these phases are parading through the gym we have an “old couple” sitting in the middle of the gym looking at a memory book. We usually have a song sung such as “Memories” or some popular song that speaks of looking back over the years.

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