Meagan Toothman, Varsity Coach of Turpin High School, Succumbs to Injuries

August 22, 2011

Coach Meagan Toothman (

Coach Meagan Toothman ( year around this time, the Turpin High School cheerleaders were interviewed for a Meet the Squad video. Asked what they loved about cheering at Turpin, one of the very first things they mentioned was their coach.

“I love our coach,” one captain said. “She’s so nice to us. We have so much fun with her. She’s really chill and laid back but when it comes down to it we get a lot of work done really easily. She’s really easy to work with and she loves each one of us.”

That beloved coach, Meagan Toothman, was was critically injured at the Indiana State Fair collapse on Aug. 13. She was 24 years old.

Meeting Meagan a few times the past few years, I was impressed by how dedicated and caring she was. I was scanning the bleachers looking for her at last year’s game and finally found her sitting on the track with her binder in the late summer heat so she could be closer to her squad. Her love for her cheerleaders really made an impression on me, and as evidenced the the outpouring of grief at her passing, I know it made an impression on many.

Meagan’s spirit will live on in the many lives she has touched, and through the amazing gift of her organs being donated to help dozens of people who need them.

You can contribute to the Meagan Toothman scholarship fund, care of Turpin High School, 2650 Bartels Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45244.

Cincinnati Enquirer Article on Meagan

From the story:
Turpin athletic director Tony Hemmelgarn said it was too soon to determine how Turpin might honor Toothman once the school year begins.

“We’ve been in the mode of she’s going to make it, all the way until (Monday),” he said.

He recalled Toothman as a student: “She was one of the most spirited, most involved, (and) incredible students you could ever imagine.”

Video: Press Conference with Forest Hills School District Officials
Photo Gallery of Turpin’s Vigil for Meagan last week

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