MVC Carly Wood, Lloyd High School, Premier Athletics

April 4, 2011

Lloyd High School Kentucky Cheerleader Carly Wood

By Emily Mayers

Squad: Lloyd High School; Thunder Cats and Fierce Cats for Premier Athletics
Hometown: Erlanger, KY
Class Year: 2012
Age: 17
College Plans: University of Louisville
Family: Two older sisters: Brittany and Alexa Wood; One younger brother: Jackson Wood

Some days, Carly Wood goes to practice after school and doesn’t get finished until 9 p.m. That’s because she’s not only a cheerleader for Lloyd High School and Premier Athletics Kentucky All-Stars — she’s also a Varsity volleyball player and track athlete.

That’s why “hard working” is the very first quality that comes to mind when Rosalind Wood, the general manager at Premier Athletics of Northern Kentucky, is asked to describe her youngest daughter.

But it takes more than hard work to represent your school at state in track at two events, to start on the volleyball team since your freshman year, and to throw a double full at an all star competition. It also takes talent, and Carly has plenty of it.

She has been involved in All-Star cheerleading programs since the age of five. When asked if she considered her family a “cheer family,” Carly simply laughed and said, “You have no idea!” The term “cheer family” takes on a whole new meaning with the Wood’s.

Her mother founded the the former Spirit of Kentucky All-Stars, and Carly cheered for the family business for several years before it merged with Premier Athletics about a year ago. Carly’s current coach for her All-Star team at Premier Athletics is her older sister, Brittany. Carly says Brittany is an excellent coach and she really pushes her to work hard and get to her fullest potential. Carly also has an older sister named Alexa, who has also been active in all-star cheer and dance and coaches a hip-hop team at Premier Athletics. Finally, Carly’s younger brother (by just 10 and a half months!) Jackson is on Carly’s co-ed squad at Premier Athletics. Carly says having this immediate support system really is a benefit, and she could not see it any other way.

The ubiquity of cheerleading in Carly’s life does not affect her love of the sport at all. In addition to track and volleyball, she trains for her two separate All-Star squads four times a week. At Premier Athletics Carly is on both the Thunder Cats and Fierce Cats squads, two open squads that compete at very high levels. Carly is basically cheering all year round. Although she appreciates the side of cheerleading that supports her team and roots them on to victory, it is the competitive aspect of the sport that she loves so much. Her passion for cheerleading stems from the ardent nature of her training. She is always in the gym working on the next routine, or perfecting the next stunt.

Carly’s competitive nature is what is pushing her desire to compete at the next level. She has always known she wants to cheer in college. Carly is entering her senior year next year; after she graduates she is planning to try out for the University of Louisville’s all-girl squad. With the support of her “cheer family,” we are sure that she’ll go far.

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Aunt Garnet April 13, 2011 at 5:05 pm

WOW!! What a great article. My baby sister has a wonderful family. XOXOXO Aunt Garnet

Aunt Garnet April 13, 2011 at 5:11 pm

Carly needs an agent! Gorgeous!!!!

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