American Cheer Power Competition Results

March 23, 2011

Queen City Storm All Star Cheerleaders Cincinnati

American Cheer Power held the “Fabulous 50’s Championship” this past Sunday at the Cintas Center in our own Cincinnati, Ohio! Many local teams participated and placed in this competition. Here is a list of the local “High Point Winners”:

Pictured: Queen City Storm All-Star Cheerleaders, as shown on American Cheer Power’s Facebook Page.”

Level 2: Pride Athletics – Junior 2

Level 3: Queen City Storm – Senior

The competion also gave out “Specialty Awards” under the categories of both outstanding chereography and standout showmanship:

Choreography – Level 2: Pride Athletics – Junior 2

Showmanship – Level 3: Ultimate Cheer of Cincinnati – Inferno

                        Dance: Ultimate Cheer of Cincinnati – Swag

Many local squads placed in different categories;  this list represents a few of the local squads that came out on top!

Tiny – Allstar – Level 1

4th Ultimate Cheer of Cincinnati Sparklers

Mini – Allstar – Level 1 standout

Finalist Top Flight Minis

Finalist Skip ‘n’ Flip UNITED Mini

Finalist Fit Stop Falcon Minis

Champion Queen City Storm Mini

Youth – Allstar – Level 1

3rd Skip ‘n’ Flip UNITED Youth

Junior – Allstar – Level 1

Champion Queen City Storm Junior

Youth – Allstar – Small B Level 2

5th Ultimate Cheer of Cincinnati Heat

2nd Queen City Storm Youth

Youth – Allstar – Small A Level 2

3rd Fit Stop Falcons Youth

Junior – Allstar – Level 2

4th Top Flight Juniors

Champion Pride Athletics Jr 2

Senior – Allstar – Level 2

4th Queen City Storm Senior 2

3rd Ultimate Cheer of Cincinnati Blaze

Junior – Allstar – Small Level 3

Champion Ultimate Cheer of Cincinnati Inferno

Senior – Allstar – Level 3

4th Skip ‘n’ Flip UNITED Senior

Champion Queen City Storm Senior

Senior – Allstar – Large Level 4

Champion Ultimate Cheer of Cincinnati Smoke

Senior – Allstar – Level 5

Champion Pride Athletics Sr 5

High School – School – Non-Building

Champion Mason High School

Mini – Allstar – Hip Hop

Champion Ultimate Cheer of Cincinnati Mini HH

Youth – Allstar – Hip Hop

2nd Pride Athletics Yth Hip Hop

Junior – Allstar – Hip Hop

3rd Pride Athletics Jr Hip Hop

Champion Ultimate Cheer of Cincinnati Fresh

Senior – Allstar – Hip Hop

3rd Ultimate Cheer of Cincinnati Swag

2nd Pride Athletics Sr Hip Hop

If you would like to see the complete competition results list Click Here. Also, American Cheer Power gave out a number of individual awards: Click Here for a complete list.

Congratulations girls! Way to  represent the Cincinnati area!

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Teri Mason March 26, 2011 at 9:42 am

Powerhouse athletics was also at this competition. Three girls recieved individual awards in mini tumble…Connie 4th place,Kylie 3rd place and Emily 2nd place…Great job girls!!!!!

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