Cheerleading As an OHSAA Recognized Sport

January 14, 2011

Ohio Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators

If you’re a cheerleading coach in Ohio, please check out the survey below and make your opinions known as cheerleading is considered for sport status in Ohio.

A message from the Ohio Association of Cheerleading Coaches:

Once again, cheerleaders are in the top 10 number of participants in high school sport/activities. Ironically, cheerleaders have seen some changes at their schools over the past 3 years. With school budget cuts and levy failures, many of our Ohio Cheer Programs have lost their Activities Directors, Advisors or Coaches and programs have sacrificed.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association has recognized the problems and is concerned for the cheerleaders, dance teams, pom, stunt and drill teams and is investigating taking the programs under their control.  Please clearly understand, this is not set in stone. The process in is in the investigation stage.  Their concern is that every student receives all the activities of athletics and spirit departments for the complete well-rounded high school experience.

Cheerleading as an Ohio High School Athletic Association recognized sport has been a split debate, even amongst ourselves.  Whichever side of the fence you are on, your opinion counts.  Please complete the following questionnaire and voice your opinions. Your opinions will help to guide scholastic cheerleading for the State of Ohio.

Download Ohio Cheerleading Coaches Survey

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