Gift Idea for Cheerleaders: Improve Tumbling Skills at Home

December 16, 2010

gift idea for cheerleaders: The Original Block

“My daughter who turned 4 in Sept started gymnastics this past Oct. She was struggling to figure out wether she was a “righty” or “lefty” with her cartwheels. Her gymnastics instructor sent an Original Block home with us, within the 1st few days she had it figured out. By the next week she had a perfect cartwheel and totally stunned her instructor. Thank you to The Original Block … it is awesome to see my daughter tumbling so well.”

–Testimonial from The Original Block’s Facebook page

But the Original Block isn’t just for younger kids. Check out these high school aged cheerleaders using it as a conditioning tool! VIDEO: Watch cheerleaders use The Original Block

The Original Block comes with an instructional DVD and is great for conditioning at home. Bonus — these blocks are made in the USA and sold out of Hillsboro, Ohio — just an hour away from Cincinnati!

Cheerleaders Christmas Gift of Tumbling Skills

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