2010 Cheerleader of the Year: Ashley Olinger

December 7, 2010

Greater Cincinnati's Cheerleader of the Year Ashley Olinger

Congratulations to Ashley Olinger, Greater Cincinnati’s Cheerleader of the Year for 2010!

Ashley was our Most Valuable Cheerleader in February and has a great story: Read it here, and check out her amazing photos from Shine Photography here. She received 29.4 percent of total votes cast.

Ashley is now a freshman at Eastern Kentucky University and is enjoying her Forensic Science major. She even plans to take 18 credit hours next semester! When she’s not studying, Ashley works helping ref basketball and soccer games on campus. She’s considering trying out for EKU’s cheerleading squad next year, since problems she’s had with her back that prevented her from trying out her freshman year have improved.

When she’s back home, she still picks up shifts at Price Hill Chili and visits Premier Athletics Park Hills, where she cheered through high school.

“I’m very excited!” she said of being named Cheerleader of the Year. “Thanks to everybody — I wouldn’t have done it without my friends and family.”

Here’s just one of the supportive comments left for Ashley:

I have known Ashley Olinger since she was 7 years old and she is the most dedicated, driven, outgoing person I have ever known. She has been through many ups and downs and has always maintained a positive attitude and has always promoted teamwork in her cheerleading career. Ashley is an amazing young woman and has a wonderful future ahead of her! Vote for Ashley, she has definitely earned it!! Good luck, Ash…WE LOVE YOU!!!!

10-07 MVC Kaltenbach V sit web Emily Kaltenbach, Cheer Cincy’s July Most Valuable Cheerleader, was a close runner up with 26.9 percent of the total vote. (Read Emily’s story here). Emily cheers at Clermont Northeastern High School, volunteers with special needs children and coaches younger kids in dance. (See all of Emily’s photos from All Pro Images here!) It was obvious by all the supportive comments of Emily on the poll that she is a truly talented young lady who was born to cheer. For example, here’s one:

I am so proud of you! I knew from an early age this would be your passion. The time we were in your living room and Donnie was spotting you and you would not give up. You had to do the perfect back hand spring…and you did! You had the determination to be a great gymnast at such a young age. You work hard and are devoted to Cheerleading. Emily Ann Kaltenbach you are most deserving to be the Greater Cincinnati’s Cheerleader of the Year! Love you!!!!

And here’s another touching comment from Emily’s mom that I had to share because it is so sweet:
As soon as you were born, I knew you would be a great daughter. As soon as you could talk, I knew you would be a great cheerleader. As soon as you could walk, I knew you would be a great gymnast and dancer! Watching your passion for and dedication to cheerleading has been some of the happiest moments of my life. You make me so proud and I cannot wait to see you in your college cheerleading uniform~but let’s not rush your senior year~I want to cherish every second! I love you, Emily Ann Kaltenbach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(See the rest of the comments here!)

MVC Mindi ReynoldsMindi Reynolds, our second runner up, received 16.8 percent of the vote. Mindi cheers for Bellevue High School, plays multiple sports and is proud of her school and community. Make sure to read Mindi’s full story here.

Here’s one comment a friend left for Mindi:

Go Mindi!!! You are a great person, on and off the field! willing to help anyone, always polite, and a great friend! the world needs more of you.

Congratulations to all our 2010 Most Valuable Cheerleaders.

Editor’s note: All 12 of our 2010 MVCs were truly a delight to meet and interview. I can’t wait to introduce you to some of our 2011 MVC’s, too! You can still nominate for next year: www.cheercincy.com/mvc.

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