Keeping it Tight: Staying Fit in the Off-Season

July 23, 2010

Melissa Matson of Keep it Tight Fitness in Mason

Half of the summer has drifted away into the clear pool water, into late evenings hanging out with friends and into lazy vacation days out of town. As the school year approaches, are you feeling like you’re in top notch shape for the fall season? It’s not too late to get in the gym and work on your fitness so that you’re toned, fit and flexible for your squad’s upcoming games and competitions.

Follow these tips to be game-ready in just a few weeks:

1. Stretch – Whether you hold a few poses while catching up on your favorite TV shows or attend a yoga class to bond with Mom, this will keep you feeling great and maximize your potential for jumps and stunting safely.

2. Re-hydrate – Staying refreshed can make a major difference in the way you feel each day. Just slight dehydration (just feeling thirsty can be a sign of this) can make you feel tired and have the blahs. Drinking eight glasses of water can be a pain — we like mixing Vitamin Water 0 with filtered water to dilute the sweetness.

3. Work on your fitness – Staying active is key. It’s true — if you don’t use it, you do lose it! The summer months aren’t long but they can be lazy. Be sure to find something fun you can stick to and do it with your friends for motivation beyond practice or cheer camp. Keeping a weekly regime, like our Teen Bootcamp at Keep It Tight Fitness, can make a huge difference in your muscle tone and overall wellness between spring and fall. Get $25 off your first month of Teen Boot Camp at Keep it Tight Fitness. Just mention that you’re a Cheer Cincy subscriber!

Following these steps will keep you in your prime so that you can be at your best all season long. Best of luck with the start of your season!

Melissa Matson is the owner of Keep It Tight Fitness, a fitness boutique off Fields Ertel Road in Cincinnati. Melissa is a mother of 6 and instills passion into every aspect of her life and has built a strong foundation in the principles of both fitness and nutrition.

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