Cheer Marketing 101: It’s That Time of Year Again … Back to School

July 26, 2010

Tanya Roesel of Midwest Cheer Elite

Summer has flown by and the kids are already getting ready for Back to School… and so should you! It’s everywhere, and even though it seems further away, you need to start marketing now! Back to School is just as exciting as a holiday and you need to take advantage of all that comes with it!

School and Recreational Cheer Programs
If you haven’t made contact yet with the area school and recreational coaches … now is the time! Most school offices re-open from summer break in August and it’s a great time to contact the athletic director to get the name and contact information for this season’s cheer coach. Rec programs are in full swing as well … so be sure to contact them and get their information!
Once you have their information, give them a call, introduce yourself and see if you can set up a time to stop by a practice or get together for lunch! School and recreational programs want and need to know that you are there for their needs. Whether it’s mat rental, team tumbling classes, or a clinic or sideline camp, make sure you have a packet of information to offer them.
Never discuss all-star teams during your meeting, as this is about the school and rec programs and making them stronger … this is not a recruiting period for your all-stars!

Stay-at-Home Moms
The kids are getting ready to head back to school and mom is getting some activities scheduled for the younger ones who are still at home! Take advantage of this by offering morning classes. Morning tumbling classes, such as Beginner Basics and Basics Youth, are a great opportunity for stay-at-home moms to bring their youngest child in for not only a great activity, but a fun, safe time to interact with other parents with young children. Our morning class enrollment really picks up when school is back in session, as vacations are over and the focus is on the younger sibling, while the others are in school! Try to schedule your morning classes around afternoon kindergarten and bus schedules — you don’t want to offer your class when mom needs to be at home to get their child on or off the school bus!

Re-arrange the Schedule
Make sure your Back to School Schedule is user-friendly … in other words, don’t schedule activities on a Friday night when high school football is huge in your area, and don’t schedule a big recreational cheer clinic on a Saturday, when rec football has games going on. Scheduling classes or activities during this time is going to lead to frustration and a waste of dollars, because your target audience is going to be somewhere else.

The Big “Hoorah”
Finally, take advantage of all the excitement in the air … even if it’s just the parents who are excited! Put together a gym campaign announcing all the amazing things that are going on for Back To School, whether it’s a Back to School Open Gym the Saturday night before school starts or an Open House for your morning classes! How about backpacks, notebooks and pencils being sold in your pro shop with your gyms logo or a Free Clinic for anyone who brings in a new school supply. Not only are you promoting the excitement and your business, you are helping the community as well when you donate the school supplies to a local charity!

Tanya Roesel founded Midwest Cheer Elite, an all-star gym in West Chester, in 2003. She has more than 18 years of experience in the cheer industry and has coached several teams to national titles. A regular participant in coaches conferences and judge for national competition circuits, Roesel hopes that Cheer Marketing 101 will help cheer gyms and businesses work together and reach their full potential for the good of the sport.

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