Varsity has yet to Clarify “Chess” Comparison

June 23, 2010

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We all know the media in general can get a lot wrong when it comes to cheerleading. That’s why I was skeptical this morning when I read this Associated Press article, and thought Jeff Webb would quickly assure us that he was somehow taken out of context about saying “cheerleading is as much a sport as chess.” (See my post from this morning)

But despite numerous debates on social media outlets all day, and despite a growing number of other media picking up the chess quote from the story, Varsity hasn’t directly mentioned the issue. Yeah, they had a press release ready, but it doesn’t address the chess quote.

Varsity’s latest facebook status: Wow! We knew you were passionate about cheerleading! We’re excited about the conversation going on about cheerleading as a sport. So we want to know…do you feel like your friends that play other sports respect you as an athlete?

This just leaves me feeling confused and annoyed. Are we pretending the chess comparison didn’t happen, or just that no one cares? Because — come on! Chess? Chess?? And why haven’t any major cheer magazines mentioned the chess debacle?

UPDATE 6/24: Varsity issued this letter from Jeff Webb this morning.
UPDATE 7/13: I spoke with Sheila Noone, VP/Public Relations at Varsity, and she mentioned that the quote was taken out of context. The verdict in the case is expected soon.

Also, to clarify, cheerleading is not like chess, but cheerleading and chess can go really well together. 🙂

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