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June 5, 2010

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Impressions are important, whether you’re at tryouts, a big game, or a school dance. Here are some makeup application techniques that will look great and last throughout a big event.

Wash your face and rinse well, then spray or pat your face with Witch Hazel. (This is a great toner and only costs pennies. You can find it in the pharmacy.)

Foundation application tips:
Sparingly, apply a face moisturizer to your face and neck. After moisturizing, apply your foundation. (Use the back of your hand as a pallette. I suggest mixing a small amount of face moisturizer with a powder mineral foundation. Select a color that blends with the color of your skin, and use this as your foundation.) Blend your foundation evenly and sparingly, with a natural look, back into your hair line, down your neck, on your ears and even on the back of your neck, especially if your neck will be showing with a high ponytail. Once you have that on, give it about five minutes to dry. (I like to dry my hair at this time.) Then, using a bronzer brush, dust your face with the dry, powder mineral foundation. This will set your foundation and make it last longer, even when you sweat.

If you wake up with a zit, don’t panic!
1) Put your moisturizer on and then dab the blemish with a green concealer. Pat at it with a cosmetic wedge to blend, but don’t rub it in.
2) Next, apply your foundation as instructed above.
3) Take an eye shadow brush and dip it into your dry mineral foundation power and dust the powder over the blemish. This should conceal it pretty well.

Keep shadows soft and natural, especially for tryouts or a game, but emphasize the eyes with soft dark contours.

To make the eye pop:
Line the water line of your eyes with a waterproof eyeliner pencil; black, slate or brown look best. Use a chiseled eyeliner brush to apply a soft shadow under the eye and to soften and and blend the pencil liner and shadows together.

Finish off with a black waterproof mascara to give a dramatic look.

Lip Gloss: Your smile will truly shine with lip gloss. Lip tint/stain with a gloss works best and will last the longest. Remember to keep the color natural for events such as tryouts and games.

Laura Schell-Baker is the owner of Ooh La La Designs, a spa and cheer shop in Milford. Ooh La La sells cosmetics just for cheerleaders, as well as bags, jewelry, spirit wear and more, and hosts spa parties that emphasize proper skin cleansing techniques and teach makeup application tips. Laura’s motto is “True beauty comes from within, it can not be applied” — a value she emphasizes to everyone she works with.

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