Cheer Marketing 101: Building Your Brand

June 6, 2010

Tanya Roesel of Midwest Cheer Elite

Whether it’s driving past the Golden Arches or seeing the girl with the red braids on the Wendy’s ad… branding your business is just as important as advertising. You want to make sure that eventually your target audience knows your product the minute they see your logo or ad!

When choosing your logo or business name, be sure it says exactly what you’d like it to say. From colors to fonts … make sure your logo screams your name!

Be careful that you are not excluding any one demographic by your branding. For example, a gym that includes the name “Elite” may want to look at a second company name. Sometimes the name “Elite” can refer to athletes who already have the skill, therefore excluding those who are new to the sport. Create a second company name and logo that attracts young athletes and their parents. In doing this you are attracting a whole new clientele.

Be sure that your company logo is included all your advertising. Avoid changing your logo font or colors … repetition is the key to branding. You want your audience to see your logo and know exactly who you are. Also, check into getting your logo copyrighted. This is fairly cheap and easy and assures you exclusivity to your branding.

Opening a second location… keep your name the same! Your reputation was built on the original company, so why change it? Your customers, both old and new, are going to be looking for the quality and service they received at your first location, so when they see the name they know they can expect it at your newest location. From the name, to the logo, to the colors … it should all remain the same!

Tanya Roesel founded Midwest Cheer Elite, an all-star gym in West Chester, in 2003. She has more than 18 years of experience in the cheer industry and has coached several teams to national titles. A regular participant in coaches conferences and judge for national competition circuits, Roesel hopes that Cheer Marketing 101 will help cheer gyms and businesses work together and reach their full potential for the good of the sport.

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