Cheer Salon: How to Wear This Year’s Makeup Trends

May 4, 2010

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Stealing trends from GaGa
Lady GaGa is making a huge impression in the music industry — she’s fresh, innovated and very talented. The last couple years the Kardashian Girls made the ‘Smoky Eye’ most popular, but this year, we have ‘Smoky Eyes On Steroids’ as GaGa steals the show!

Expect to see GaGa’s influence in the cheer and dance field. Open your eyes wide this year with big, dramatic smoky eye in bold colors. Expect to see animal prints such as zebra and leopard on the eyes, lips and face, and expect a lot of bling … yes, glitter is back bigger than ever on the eyes and lips! Adding special effects with rhinestones, glitter, metallics and appliqués glued onto the face will steal the stage. Big eye lashes are in more than ever. Color and metallics in the hair, contemporary braids and BIG contemporary bows will be the craze in hair styles. Lighting bolts on the face won’t just be for the storm teams, because GaGa’s “Poker Face” has set a trend.

Get more “bling” for your buck!
Want to have the paparazzi following your team around, but budgeting for the upcoming year has got ya in a pinch? Eliminating makeup from the budget will not be a smart move this year, when the trend is “the flashier, the better.” Makeup builds confidence and enthusiasm and will state prosperity of your gym or team in these tough economic times.

Here are some helpful tips to keep the “glitz” with all the glory and keep your team in the limelight on a budget:

1) Apply a Primer/Glue to the eye before applying a pure pigment shadow. Primers accentuate the colors and make the eye shadows last longer. Also, pure pigment eye shadows have no fillers, making them much bolder with less effort and saving you lots of money. I suggest LA Splash award-winning Eye Shadow Primer/Glue #13000 and any of their pure pigment shimmer shadows.

Helpful tips for pure pigment application: When using pure pigment shadows, you want to first apply a translucent powder heavily under the eye to catch the fall of the shadows, then apply Primer/Glue #13000 to the eyelid. A little goes a long way, so just dab a small amount in the middle of the eyelid and use your ring finger to blend it up around the eyelid, onto the side of the nose and into the eyebrows. This will give that soft blended look and avoid showing a dramatic stopping line where the eye shadow ends. Allow the Primer/Glue to dry and become tacky for a few seconds before applying your shadows. This will assist the blending process. After applying your Pure Pigment Shadows, brush the fall-off under the eyes with a soft brush, avoid touching pure pigment shadows with your hands because the oil from your hands will set the color. If the pigment has set, use a slightly damp Q-Tip and roll under the eye to erase the pigment.

2) Metallics are huge this year. Try accenting the eyes with LA Splash Shimmer Shadow #16103 Silver Cloud. This color will give you the silver metallic color that’s oh-so popular! Layer with Cosmetic Glitter for a bold look or use to highlight by adding a dot by the tear ducts, at the brow bone and on the ball of the eye, making eyes big and open.

3) Glitter on the lips! Dorothy’s red ruby lips are back, and here are some tips on how to get the La-La-Licious Lips everyone will smak about:

You’ll need:
1) Lip Liner (I love Avon Glimmersticks, it’s self sharpening)
2) Red Lipstick (Avon 8-Hour Perfect Wear ExtraLasting Lipstick is my favorite because it’s very affordable)
3) Very Fine Cosmetic Glitter (I love LA Splash Cosmetic Glitter because it’s ultra-fine)
4) Clear Lip-gloss (Try LA Spash #14001 Crystal Clear — team pricing is only $4 each)
** (This look looks great in any color)

1) Line lips with the red lip liner
2) Fill in lips with lipstick
3) Using a dry finger, dip finger into the glitter and PRESS the glitter into the lipstick. It’s okaym you can double dip — it’s your glitter!
4) Apply clear lip-gloss over the glitter for a luscious candy gloss look (For a thicker gloss, I like to use the rod of the lip gloss applicator and not the doe foot at the end).

For more techniques on how to update your team’s image, contact Laura for a personal consultation. To find any of the product listed above, please visit or and call me for best pricing.

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Laura Schell-Baker is the owner of Ooh La La Designs, a spa and cheer shop in Milford. Ooh La La sells cosmetics just for cheerleaders, as well as bags, jewelry, spirit wear and more, and hosts spa parties that emphasize proper skin cleansing techniques and teach makeup application tips. Laura’s motto is “True beauty comes from within, it can not be applied” — a value she emphasizes to everyone she works with.

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