Cheer Marketing 101: Getting the Best Bang for your Buck

April 12, 2010

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By Tanya Roesel

Although the economy might be down, there’s no better time than now to get great marketing deals. Just be persistent and know that there is always room to negotiate!

Billboard Advertising – What was the most expensive form of advertising is now offering deal after deal after deal … Don’t sign long-term contracts until you are sure that the billboard will work for your market. Negotiate the price, taking into account the size of the board, the traffic flow around it and the demographics of the area it is in. You are going to pay a higher price for highway billboards and those around shopping plazas than you would for a country side board, BUT these boards with high traffic flows will normally generate calls the minute they go up. Before making any decisions, drive by the billboard location. What may look clear and visible in the winter, may be cluttered and hard to see in the spring and summer, once trees and foliage have bloomed. Also, drive by often and know the exact date your board went up. In the evenings, be sure the lights are working properly to illuminate your sign. If you’re paying for 30 days of advertising, it’s your responsibility to make sure you get your full 30 days!

Radio – Although not the best choice out right now, there are some deals that you might not be able to pass up! From 15- to 30- to 60-second spots, make sure you know what message you want to get out before purchasing your package. For example, a 15-second spot is great to just get your name out, but if you are advertising your tryout information, you’re going to need 60 seconds to get the information you need out in a format that is clear and not overdone. Next, know your market and know it well. For example, if you are going after the Junior High or High School market, you will want your commercials to be played in the early morning or evening. A commercial played Monday at noon is a waste of money, because your target audience is in school and not listening to the radio. If you are going for preschool age children, you are looking for young mothers. Therefore, afternoon spots are going to be the best, as you can normally find mom in the car listening to the radio while running errands for the family. Also know, there is always room to negotiate price! Never take the first offer and stand firm with what you’re willing to pay. Although it may take a little longer to come to an agreement, you will normally find yourself with a great deal at half the price of the first offer.

Tanya Roesel founded Midwest Cheer Elite, an all-star gym in West Chester, in 2003. She has more than 18 years of experience in the cheer industry and has coached several teams to national titles. A regular participant in coaches conferences and judge for national competition circuits, Roesel hopes that Cheer Marketing 101 will help cheer gyms and businesses work together and reach their full potential for the good of the sport.

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